Hiromi Tanaka(A free-lance illustrator)

[Career background]

I was born in Osaka, Japan.
After I graduated National Osaka Hospital Nursing School,
I worked as a nurse at a hospital attached to a university in Tokyo.

I quit the job few years later and then I studied
drawing and painting at Setsu Mode Seminar(an art school).
I've been working as a free-lance illustrator since I graduated from the school.
You can find my illustrations, advertising design works, drawings, paintings and
animations in the pages of some magazines and the web pages.
I work as an illustrator as well as a writer recently.
I've been published 16th books till now.

u[Career Achievements]

"Whole country student oil painting contest" won a prize in 1982.
"9th ESUTO1 graphic arts exhibition" won a prize in 1987.
"An Mail art exhibition (Kawasaki graphics)" exhibited in 1989.
"A peace card exhibition (Sibuya ART WAD'S)" exhibited in 1989.
"Illustration new wave 100 exhibition"exhibited in 1990.
"ISUx12 exhibition"exhibited in 1990.

u[Solo career exhibitions]

"Hiromi Tanaka exhibition -Scenery of that days-" ("Ginza Mame-Ya"of Tokyo in 1989.)
"Hiromi Tanaka exhibition -Lovers-"("Pin point gallery"of Tokyo in 1990.)
"Hiromi Tanaka exhibition -
music-"("Aoyama gallery MAYA"of Tokyo in 1991.)
"Hiromi Tanaka exhibition -
Retrospection-"("Aoyama art space RRR"of Tokyo in 1992.)
"Hiromi Tanaka exhibition -
Tender air-"("Gallery TAKA"of Tokyo in 1994.)

[I want to be an active illustrator in the world.]

I hope to work as an illustrator not only in Japan but also in the whole world
as my stage. Especially, I would like to spread "Usagi-chan" in the world.
She is one of the animal characters I created.
She is a lovely rabbit character and famous to the Japanese audience.
  I am good at illustrating pretty animals.
  I am eager for your requests of illustrating works, animations and so on...
To contact me for my illustrating works please send me an E-mail.

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